Raja Changez Sultan has written a vast selection of poetry which is now available for purchase internationally.

Here is an anthology of poems that delves on the relationship of the human spirit and nature. The poems are deeply felt and meaningful, and very much in the spirit as his earlier collections. Raja Changez Sultan draws from a wealth of human experience in many walks of life, and you see the logic of his deliberations bound in a personal philosophy of the purpose of mankind in a somewhat ugly material world.

Here is an outstanding collection of introspective poems with a sensitivity of a deeply feeling mind. Raja Changez Sultan explores the themes of love, desertion, and abandonment. He celebrates joy in the beauty of small happening, the irony inherent in a moment and all things that are universal and touch our lives in big and small ways. His primary concern in all these poems is to lift the human spirit from a mundane reality into the realm of universality that brings together all peoples of the world with their abundance of cultural diversity.

Shakarparian was one of the countless villages that were torn down in order to pave the way for the modern city of Islamabad. the current capital of Pakistan. A proud and hardy people lived here, upholding the best of rural traditions and time tested values. Once their land was taken away in the early sixties, they were scattered far and wide all across the Punjab. In their place a new breed of city folk moved in with their modern perceptions of life and a whole new set of concerns.

Book cover of Shakarparian
Book cover for thirteen ways of looking at a nomad

13 WAYS OF LOOKING AT A NOMAD is Raja Changez Sultan’s first collection of poems. Written between 1969 and 1980, it includes the very first poem he ever wrote (THE MIRROR) and some of the most intense and exploratory poems of his career as a poet. It also includes some of the poems that formed his master’s thesis at the Writing School of the School of the Arts, Columbia University, NY. USA.