As a painter, Raja Changez Sultan has over 55 solo exhibitions of his work in Pakistan, Europe, India and in the Middle East.


RCS travelled extensively in the northern areas of Pakistan – home to the highest peaks of the world. These majestic ranges seem to now live inside of him and their reverence can be felt in both his poetry and his painting.

The Divided Self

The Divided Self is an introspective look into the multiple aspects of the mind that exist within the same person throughout all stages of life. RCS focuses on the female form as he has always felt strongly for the plight of women in their roles as mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends.

Crucifixion of Eve

In this highly evocative series, Raja Changez Sultan replaces Christ with Eve on the cross. The purpose is to highlight the sacrifices women have made for humanity throughout the history of the human race. They have borne the scars of wars and all kinds of abuse hurled at them by the stronger sex. Despite all that punishment, women continue to be the backbone of our society.


Raja Changez Sultan is a master of using charcoal almost in the same manner in which one would paint. He explores the tonality that the medium affords as well as the intensity and subtilty of the human figure.

A Thousand Faces of Eve

This series pays homage to the universal woman. Raja Changez Sultan displays unique sensitivity in both form and color to showcase his reverence for the strength, patience and understanding women show in every role that has been thrust upon them in a harsh and insensitive world. They are the true faces of Eve in all her glory.

The Wood Nymphs

Paintings from the Wood Nymph series echo the spirits mentioned in the last verse of this epic poem. They embody the folklore of the majestic Himalayas combining elements of both landscape and figurative art in a magnificent visual display of light and spatial relationships.

Early Works

Raja Changez Sultan began his career as an artist in 1967 while he was still at the Royal Shrewsbury School in England. His earliest work centered around introspective portraits and landscapes.


In 1984 Raja Changez Sultan began painting flowers amongst his other series as a way of homage towards the beauty that surrounds us in nature. He shares his love of flowers with his sister who also paints the same subject in a more meticulous manner.

Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise is a truly special series evoking a sense of spiritual peace. The birds symbolise innocence and the purity

The Three Graces

In Greek Mythology, the Three Graces were usually depicted as the daughters of Zeus and were considered the epitome of beauty, grace, and fertility. Virtually all artists who have looked to the past, have sought inspiration from such sources that gave birth to a huge body of work throughout the centuries. Raja Changez Sultan, in his own way, has also done a series based on the Graces.